The variable best

A very short read.

Every day we are pushed and we push ourselves to do our best, to be the best. And when we are not at our best we often beat ourselves very hard. Often harder than others would.

This can be with our family, children, colleagues and friends.

  • I didn’t listen enough. I didn’t prepare enough. I didn’t react as a good [parent/friend/colleague] should. I didn’t…

I didn’t… ok. But what did I ?

  • I listened as much as I could given the noise/distraction/etc. I reacted as best as I could despite the hard day I had. I did…

I am not trying to find myself excuses. I am just acknowledging that some days my best is not as good as yesterday or tomorrow. My best is variable. And as today is, I have done my best.

And that’s ok to acknowledge that. And it is also ok to acknowledge what my best would have been in a better day. But just state it. Don’t beat yourself up.



Photo by Elle Hughes from Pexels


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