Change oh change !

I know I know … I have been quiet for a while. In the last couple of months I (we) went though a major life change – a house move.

It was fun, messy, hard, exhausting. But now we are happy – like super happy.

A house move is a change which is very similar to the organisational or system orientated changes that I help my clients to go through :

  • A ton of things to do and organise in parallel of your normal day to day life (or business).
  • The rest of the family to make adhere to the change (or team members).
  • A large panel of divergent but yet simultaneous feelings like happiness, excitement, feeling overwhelmed, fear and nostalgia.

And there are my takeaways when it comes to manage changes :

  • Plan ahead and breakdown the todo in small action items that you can manage (in other words don’t bite more than you can chew).
  • But don’t plan too much. No need to have plan A, B, C, D, E… in place. Because probably plan A will work. But eventually it will not. And solution will be in plan Z that you didn’t even think about. Be ready to plan – when you will need to.
  • Temporarily drop whatever that is not top priority for that change right now (you can refer to my previous blog post on the variable best).
  • Have a strong leadership team (read “my husband and I” 😉) to lead and sustain (will definitively expand on that on a later post) the change process.
  • Embrace the feelings, acknowledge or discuss them and let them go.
  • Over-communicate about the change and make it fun.

I would like to pause a minute on the last 2 items. I guess those would be good candidates for another blog post. But in the meantime I just wanted to remind that :

  • Every person that will have to go through a change (of whatever type) will experience it differently depending on their own personal background. It is critical to take this into consideration and let them speak about how they are feeling, how they are coping with that change and what are the good things the change will bring (you will need a few positives/gains to offset a negative/loss).
  • For the very same reason, a change may let them feel insecure, hence the need to over communicate on what will happen, how and when, which will at least relief them from those apprehensions.
  • Make the change fun is the “cherry on the cake” and help to focus on the change, without focusing on the change too much (if you see what I mean).

An additional similarity between a house move and the type of change I help my clients to go through is that it offers a new beginning. You have the opportunity to design and re design the things to make them more efficient.

I am curious to hear about the similarity you may have noticed between personal and professional changes – that you have led or only been involved in. What are your thoughts ?

Oh and least to forget : in both instances, business or personal changes – take the time to celebrate !



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