Caring is succeeding

At the beginning of the year I wrote a blog about setting goals to pave the path to the changes you want to happen in your life.

Setting the goals is the easy part. The next and more difficult step is to achieve them. This implies accountability, motivation and care. Yes care.

Whether I define objectives for myself, at work or in my private life, or objectives for others, caring is the best way of succeeding. Caring means being able to track and measure the progression. If I can’t track and measure – I can’t know whether I am progressing toward my objective or not.

And to all the clients I work with I keep repeating this as a mantra and key success factor in the change(s) they are going through : “caring is succeeding”.

Caring is succeeding because this will allow to track, measure and from there being able to assess what is working for you and what is not so that you can :

  • Leverage on what is working to scale progress.
  • Adjust what is not working to reset the right path. Remember that sentence from Mandela “I never lose, I either win or learn”.

As a team you can set a final objective and intermediary targets to follow your progress. You can meet and discuss with your different team members, acknowledging what’s working and what is not.

As an individual the same applies. Whatever your objective is – You can keep a daily diary and review on your own or find an accountability buddy.

And the last point which is maybe as important as caring is to be mindful of where you place your / the team attention. As I said in post “The Variable best” the idea is not to beat yourself up. The idea is to understand where are your strengths, where are your weaknesses and what you can do better from there.

Now what can you do to bring yourself up to the next level ?



Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

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