4 easy steps to lower your environmental footprint

Personal growth and my definition of Ahimsa imply improving the way I impact the world around me. As a family we have implemented small but sustainable steps towards lowering our environmental footprint. It makes good to the planet, it also makes us feel good so it is a win win situation and as I say « baby steps are better than no steps ». There you go :

  • Invest in a water recycling system : exit plastic bottles we made the move a year ago with a Berkey water filtering system and we are more than happy. Water taste perfectly, maintenance is low and filters don’t need to be changed that often – sounds like a good compromise.
  • Bye bye Nespresso – hello Espresso : no more aluminium capsules (better for your health) or capsules at all. Just you, your espresso machine and your coffee beans. The good news is that used coffee makes an excellent soil fertiliser for plants. Greener than green !
  • Invest in re-usable everything : water bottles, cups, straws, food storage boxes or bags, etc. Every time we find a good option to move from single use to reusable we jump in with both feet (didn’t do for nappies though…). Some shops offer refillable containers for nuts and grains but also for detergents or beauty products (I haven’t bought a « bottle » of laundry washing liquid or fabric softener in a looooong time..). Our kids love their re-usable straws and we are also teaching them good habits for the future.
  • Meal plans : if there is something I REALLY HATE throwing in the bin, it is food. For over a year now we have been preparing our meal plans on a weekly basis and our grocery shopping list accordingly. This considerably reduced the amount of wasted food (we all know « I forgot I wanted to cook this and the consume by date is now overdue »). It also allowed us to plan for yummy, healthy meals.

This is just a first list of the tiny things we are doing to positively impact the environment. We are implementing more as we speak. We bought a water recycling system to re-use rain water for plants and garden, we have checked all our appliances and focused our attention on A-rated appliances only. I am sure there are many other alternatives and options. We are doing what we can for now but looking forward to more.

Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below.

Looking forward to hearing from you and happy personal growth journey.

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