Hi there,

The purpose of this blog is to share day to day inspiration to help bringing (y)our journey to the next level.

What I mean by journey is the growth that encompasses each and every aspect of (y)our life and that translates into four main areas:

  • Personal growth
  • Work / Career growth
  • Improved Health
  • Better World

You will find the content of this blog referenced according to those four categories.

My core belief is that everything is interlinked. Each and every aspects of our lives are linked and so are we as individuals. That’s why I will not restrict this blog to a single topic but instead discuss all topics that can contribute to bring (y)ourselves to the next level,  including the world around us.

The content shared in this blog is the result of my learnings and my experiences. This may or may not sound right to you. And that’s fine! We are all different, we all have different perceptions and different point of views. I’m not claiming to have all the answers, but I hope to give you some insight into what those experiences and learnings taught me.

Please, grab a coffee (a tea or whatever you like) and join me for a minute or so. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I have just one request. Please be respectful of the content written here by me or by others in their comments.

Thank you for visiting this blog and I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Ps : Oh and if you wonder what Ahimsa means and why I choose this to be my front picture – there is a post pinned at the top of my blog about this very topic.

PPs : As I said above I truly think we are all linked. So what makes a better version of you will also contribute to make a better version of me and vice versa. What applies to yourself also applies to ourselves. That’s why you’ll probably see a lot of “(y)ou“around here.

PPPs : I reserve my self the right to delete any comment which would be disrespectful to this blog, to me or to any other person commenting on the blog.

PPPPs : just kidding 😉

About Me

Hey – My name is Alessandra but you can call me Aless 😉 I am a working mum x2. Perfectionist, realistic and idealist. My goal is to incrementally build a better version of who I am and I’d love to have the opportunity to help the people and world around me to do so as well.

This blog is my small contribution towards this objective.



When writing the different articles, I may refer to different topics or approaches. While I acknowledge not having any recognised expertise in a specific area while discussing or mentioning it in a blog post, what I actually want to bring is an analyse of each topic through different angles. A combined approach.

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