A propos

The objective of this blog is to share the learnings and experiences I gained along my personal growth path to help you on yours. I don’t believe that personal growth stops at only one area of your life. Instead I think this is a combined and holistic approach impacting different areas such as understanding how your brain works, what you eat, what you do, how you think, how to reach your personal objectives, etc. So whether you are looking at improving the way you feel inside (personal development), outside (health and wellness) or beyond that improving the way you impact the world around you (beyond you), you’ll feel right at home here !

My favourite personal growth topics
  • Ahimsa
  • Mindfulness
  • Spirituality
  • Personal Development
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Change Management
  • Food
  • Wellness
  • Health
  • Sport and Fitness
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Technology – yes you read this one right 😉

About me

My name is Alessandra Conca and I am a personal growth nerd 😉 Growth and enablement are deeply anchored in me. I dedicate my spare time to read, learn, watch and practice to incrementally build what I feel to be a better version of who I am as an individual and of the way we live as a family. I love to share and discuss what I learn on a day to day basis with others, but also (and especially) hear their journey. I’d love to have the opportunity to help more people around me to access their next level self. This blog is my small contribution towards this objective.

My favourite books and other sources of personal development


When writing the different articles, I may refer to different topics or approaches. While I acknowledge not having any recognised expertise in a specific area (read diploma or certification), what I actually want to bring is an analyse of each topic through different angles. A combined approach.

Also the content shared in this blog is the result of my learnings and my experiences. This may or may not sound right to you. And that’s fine! We are all different, we all have different perceptions and different point of views. I’m not claiming to have all the answers, but I hope to give you some insight into what those experiences and learnings taught me.